Why people love ecostore

Cleo, Archer, Troy and Samson

I love the baby care products! Safety first for my kids and no nasties. We use ecostore in every room in the house from dish washer products to laundry powder to hand soap, body wash, and multipurpose cleaner. Love love love!


After using so many of your fabulous products for many years I just wanted to say .... thank you! My partner and I have had a vintage clothing business for ten years and I have loved using your great products to bring back to life these precious treasures. The fact that your products are friendly to the environment works so well with what we do with recycling beautiful garments...the perfect match.


I promised my husband we'd switch back if he noticed any difference in the efficacy of products but we've never looked back. We use only ecostore products for laundry, dishwashing & soaps, including baby soaps.

Bronwyn, Alice, Lyla, Marlowe and Ben

I love that in the ecostore product range there are ultra sensitive options that are fragrance free, these work well for my children who have sensitive skin. We like to support New Zealand products and especially ethically sound products like these. The peppermint lip balm is my personal favourite - yum!

Makaore and Rei

We love all the products from ecostore, but especially the baby range - the sleepy time bath is a favourite - and the laundry products. They are lovely on our wee man's sensitive skin and do the job extremely well.

Jaime S.

You have made mine and my 3 year old sons life so much better! He suffers from many allergies and with this has ezcema. The ezcema had been so bad, he was constantly scratching himself raw and waking through the night because he was so itchy. I switched to your washing powder and it was like magic, his skin is now so clear and hardly any need for prescribed creams! I really need to switch to hand wash and try the body wash for him too. Thanks so much for such an awesome product. Have just put my aunty onto your products as she has suffered ezcema all her life. From one very happy Mum :)


I love ecostore because their philosophy is rock solid. I know I can trust them to pick up any product in their range and it will be good to my family.


Your hand wash has saved my skin. With my baby, I'm constantly washing my hands and my hands were scaly, red and dry. Now my hands are completely healed.

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