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    Guaranteed kinder to the planet

    You’ll often hear companies say their products are eco-friendly. But at ecostore, we can guarantee that our products are made with the health of the planet at heart.

    Our New Zealand factory is the only manufacturer in Australasia with ISO14001, Enviromark Diamond and carboNZero certifications, which verify our commitment to the highest environmental standards. These certifications let you know that we minimise the harm our operations may have to the planet, that we make improvements to our processes wherever we can, no matter how small, to save energy, water and materials - and that we lead the way in lowering our carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions. And we’re approved by New Zealand’s top eco label, Environmental Choice, for our Laundry Powders and Laundry Liquids, which means we’re committed to environmental leadership and that our products are less harmful to the planet.

    Find out here how we're manufacturing for good.

  • sustainable packaging

    Packaging to care for the earth

    Minimising packaging and making it recyclable are among our biggest goals, and we’ve set out to reduce waste wherever we can.

    The boxes we use for our dish tablets and laundry powders are made from at least 85% recycled material, and our bottles are fully recyclable. We use High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) plastic for our bottles, which is the most recycled and recyclable. And we’ve invested heavily in making our own bottles from post-consumer regrind plastic, which is collected from street recycling programmes in the community. Packaging innovation is part of our process of continuous improvement and we make our bottles and boxes environmentally responsible down to the most important detail. Our polypropylene labels are recyclable and don’t need to be removed to be recycled, and with a clear backing we don’t need to use as much printing ink or dye. And we make the only plastic trigger spray in New Zealand that contains no metal parts, making it fully recyclable. We offer bulk sizes and refills - great options for reducing plastic packaging waste. Our small and mid-size containers can be refilled at our Auckland store and other New Zealand stockists – and we offer many of our products in 5kg, or 5 or 20-litre containers to help cut packaging consumption.

    You might have also heard about our Carbon Capture Paks – these bottles are made from renewable sugarcane plastic that traps CO2 from the atmosphere to lower your carbon footprint. They’re also 100% recyclable and a great alternative to traditional petrochemical plastic. We’d love to see our packaging used time and again as part of a closed loop recycling system – and ultimately to eliminate packaging altogether - and plan to keep innovating to make this happen.

  • eco ingredients

    Only ingredients that care for the planet

    What we leave out of our products is just as important as what we put in.

    We carefully select plant and mineral based ingredients to reduce our dependence on petrochemical sources. Each of our ingredients has to make the grade for sustainability, biodegradability, suitability for septic tanks and greywater systems, and safer environmental ratings against leading brands. We ensure we’re always at the forefront of the ever-evolving field of eco science, so that we only use latest-generation ingredients. The trusted international resources offered by the Environmental Working Group – a US research body which rates ingredients for their risk of harm to the environment - are a key part of how we assess whether our product formulations are better for our world.

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Why people love ecostore

After using so many of your fabulous products for many years I just wanted to say... thank you! My partner and I have had a vintage clothing business for ten years and I have loved using your great products to bring back to life these precious treasures. The fact that your products are friendly to the environment works so well with what we do with recycling beautiful garments... the perfect match.

- Vanessa

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