With ecostore you can rest assured your baby is in safe hands

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Gentle care for baby

Our baby care range provides gentle cleansing, nourishment and protection for your baby’s delicate skin.

Our plant and mineral-based baby care range is a gentler choice to nourish and protect your baby’s delicate skin and hair. Each product has been carefully formulated to match the oils and amino acids naturally found in babies’ skin, for gentle cleansing without removing the oils that are naturally present. Among the soothing and nourishing ingredients we include in our baby range are creamy goat’s milk (found in our baby soap) a gentle lavender and geranium fragrance blend in our sleepytime bath, New Zealand-native horopito extract in our nappy balm, and enriching cocoa and shea nut butters in our baby moisturiser.

But caring for baby is as much about what we leave out as what we put in. You can rest assured we choose ingredients that help your little one get the best start in life.

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During and after pregnancy

We’re for mums to be, too - our plant-based products help you look after yourself during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a really important time to look after yourself. You’ll experience changes in your hormones and body, and anything you eat, come into contact with, or get exposed to, affects your baby as much as it affects you. While you’re pregnant, you not only share nutrients with your baby, you share some chemicals that are absorbed into your skin from products you apply directly to your skin, and those you use for every day home cleaning. It pays to shop wisely and check the labels to find out what’s in your cleaners and skincare products. Why not make a safer choice and choose personal care and cleaning products from ecostore?

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The complete healthy home

We make it easy to create a safe, clean home for your little one and the whole family.

You want a safe environment when you bring your newborn home and raise them through their early months and years. Cleaning your home well is a great achievement, and a useful way to create a space you and your baby can thrive and grow in is to take each room in turn. Checking your bathroom products is one way you can help create a safer home for baby.

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Why people love ecostore

We love your soap bars because we find they don't dry our skin out like most others do, and we also use the baby bubble bath, baby soap, sleepytime bath, baby moisturiser, and nappy balm, and love them because they're so gentle on Kyla's delicate skin. :-)

- Jesse, Morgan and Kyla

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