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Lemon liquid scourer 375ml

Lemon liquid scourer 375ml

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For clean, gleaming surfaces on enamel baths, basins, whiteware and for all stainless steel, chrome, tiled and laminated surfaces.

Our plant and mineral based liquid scourer effectively cleans household surfaces without scratching.

Performance: Our liquid scourer has been independently benchmarked against the market leader to ensure excellent results.

Renewable sugarcane plastic: Our bottles are made from renewable sugarcane plastic, which is 100% recyclable and helps to reduce your carbon footprint.

Safer for our environment: The ingredients in our liquid scourer are safer for the environment. Suitable for septic tanks.

Sustainable manufacturing: ecostore liquid scourer is made in NZ to the strictest environmental standards in our ISO14001, Enviromark Diamond and CarboNZero certified factory.



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What ecostore customers say about our products

  • We love the fact that ecostore is a New Zealand company and is committed to providing earth-friendly and people- friendly products

    - Jason and Corban
  • About two years ago my husband and I threw out ALL the chemicals in our house (and there were a lot of them) and replaced them with all natural and/or environmentally safe/chemical free alternatives. Most of our replacement products were Ecostore brand. One of the main, immediate differences we noticed was that eczema that I had on the backs of my hands (which I had had for years) disappeared within TWO DAYS, and has never returned! Thanks for offering really good products at attainable prices!

    - Sarah