In the community

ecostore community support

We’re part of a community in New Zealand and around the globe that aims for a safer, healthier world for people and the planet. We’re proud to lend a hand to so many organisations, events and causes with our products, our resources, our time - and a commitment to helping out.

Find out about some of the projects we’re pleased to have been a part of:

Recycling Station trial

We don’t want the story to end when people put our bottles in the recycling bin. We want to close the loop on the recycling system with packaging that can be re-used time and again. That’s why we’ve been part of The Recycling Station, a joint initiative with Anchor, Tip Top and Piako to collect household plastic and recycle it into new products. The trial used two shipping containers that moved around New Zealand’s upper North Island. We love the idea of plastic that can be re-processed many times, because we can help cut down on packaging made each time from scratch. Ultimately our vision is for companies globally to design their products and supply chains with lifecycle and re-use in mind, and for every consumer to treat packaging as an item for continuous reinvention.

Cloud Workshop

Cloud Workshop is an art-based programme for bereaved children or those with a family member affected by life-threatening illness. We hosted a workshop and experienced first hand how children can feel comforted and less isolated by creating works of art. The programme is co-organised by Deb Smith, who with her brother Mark has been taking photos for ecostore product packaging for nearly two decades.

Arbor Week in New Zealand

Trees are vital for the planet in so many ways and we love adding a bit of green, so our head office team was only too happy to help out during NZ Arbor Week with some volunteer tree planting in Auckland.