In the community

ecostore community support

We’re part of a community in New Zealand and around the globe that aims for a safer, healthier world for people and the planet. We’re proud to lend a hand to so many organisations, events and causes with our products, our resources, our time - and a commitment to helping out.

Ecostore volunteering

ecostore volunteer week

Each year we volunteer to various good causes supporting the community and our beautiful country.

In 2018 we volunteered for Everybody Eats, Kelmarna Gardens, Keep New Zealand Beautiful Week, Sustainable Coastlines, Auckland City Mission, Kaipatiki Project and even donated to NZ Blood!

There are many great charities and communities that need volunteers, if you’re interested in volunteering check out the websites of your favourite charities or community groups. If you have a need for volunteer support, let us know how we might be able to help by contacting