Choose ecostore for top performance in home care, without compromise.

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    Performance without compromise

    A clean home is a great feeling – and it’s even better when you can count on the products you use to do the hard work for you, while still being safer for you and your family.

    Our products are designed for uncompromised performance around your home. Our dish liquid and powder give you sparkling clean dishes, while our cleaners leave a spotless finish on all your hard household surfaces, including kitchen benchtops, appliances and walls. ecostore bathroom and shower cleaner cuts through dirt, soap scum and hard water spotting, while our laundry care range provides powerful stain removal and clothes that smell fresh and clean.

    So how well do our products rate in independent tests and reviews?

    Our dishwash liquids and detergents won the 2015 Canstar Blue Award for Most Satisfied Customers, beating the top brands and achieving a five star rating for overall satisfaction and for effectiveness. Canstar has been carrying out market research in New Zealand for more than a decade to reveal customer satisfaction ratings across a range of products. Our laundry range has won the Canstar Blue award for customer satisfaction two years running, out-performing some big brands and showing that you don’t need chemicals like optical whiteners or synthetic dyes to get great results. To win the second award we scored highest in a customer survey of 2,039 people in five categories: overall satisfaction, quality of clean, number of washes, environmental friendliness and feel of clothes. Our bathroom and shower cleaner has been recommended by consumer champion organisation Consumer, beating three other market leaders. And Australia’s Choice Magazine recently gave our lemon front loader laundry powder a high dirt removal rating.

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    Value for money

    At ecostore we believe our products shouldn’t have to cost more, which is why they are economically concentrated.

    That means a little really goes a long way, every time you use one of our products.

    We avoid the use of anything unnecessary, which means no bulking agents or fillers. Take our super concentrated laundry powder as an example - you only need to use 35g per standard wash in a top loading machine and half as much as that in a front loading machine. Our 1kg laundry powder gives you a third more washes than other leading brand ultra concentrates. Our dishwasher powder averages 51 washes per 1kg pack, while our laundry liquid is super concentrated to give you so many washes per pack – from 14 washes per 500ml to 560 washes from our 20 litre bottle.

    Here’s how we compare

    Number of washes per pack - laundry

    1kg ecostore laundry powder for top loaders - 32 washes (one scoop)
    1kg ecostore laundry powder for front loaders - 64 washes (half a scoop)

    And here’s how our prices compare with the market leader:

    1kg Dish Powder: ecostore 18c, market leader 34c
    1kg Laundry Powder (top loader): ecostore 28c/32 washes, market leader 34c/22 washes
    1kg Laundry Powder (front loader): ecostore 14c/64 washes, market leader 34c/22 washes

    *based on average New Zealand supermarket prices, October 2015

    Buy in bulk and save

    Buying in bulk is a great way to make long term savings on the home care products you use every day. How much can you save? By using our bulk laundry powders and liquids you can save 10c per wash.

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    Safer for you, your family and the world

    It's important to know what's in the products we buy, and to buy from companies we know we can trust. ecostore only the gentlest plant and mineral based ingredients. And we’re approved by New Zealand’s top eco label, Environmental Choice, for our laundry powders and laundry liquids, which means we’re committed to environmental leadership and that our products are less harmful to the environment.

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Why people love ecostore

I love the dishwasher tabs - they’re so handy and the plastic wrapper biodegrades, which is awesome. We use the hand soap and washing powder - I like that the products we are using on our bodies are good for the environment and us.

- Ezra, Simon, Adah, Micah, Catherine

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