Fairground Foundation

Creating a better world by taking on challenging projects that inspire the world to follow suit.

Malcolm and Melanie Rands started Fairground Foundation in 1993 at the same time as ecostore. The foundation is our not for profit arm, but it’s not your average not for profit. It was one of the world’s first purpose driven social enterprise models, using sales as the ultimate platform for generous sustainable leadership.

Fairground Foundation tackles social and environmental challenges that need on feet on the ground and practical action. And those projects help speed up the creation of the future it imagines – one with healthy people, healthy communities and a healthy planet.

From bringing snow to the streets of Whangarei to setting up organic gardens in schools, to its current project working with others to protect flora and fauna, and its urban eco neighbourhoods initiative, Fairground Foundation is challenging the status quo.

The foundation's current projects are:


Most people on the planet now live in cities. We believe it is everyone's right to live in affordable and sustainable housing with easy access to green space. We especially believe it's everyone’s right to live in a neighbourhood where they feel they belong; a neighbourhood where everyone knows your name when they 'bump' in to you.

Fairground Foundation and its ethical partners will build the first “Bumpspace” development in Auckland, making a profit in the process. Following our success, we will share the intellectual property with any other developer that wants to follow suit. The commercial success of our Bumpspace project will ultimately be used to help make our world an even better place.


Our Bucket project supports local conservation heroes to look after our environment. We’re currently building our own digital giving circle platform with a flora and fauna focus. We envisage hundreds of conservation groups using this platform to raise funds, so that they can do good in their own backyard. From increasing endangered species populations, to eradicating pests and repopulating native flora and fauna, the Bucket platform will enable all of us to collectively create a better world for generations to come.