Ecoman gift pack

Ecoman gift pack

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Enjoy a bundle of luxurious ecostore body care products and then get inspired with Ecoman, the story of the plucky NZ entrepreneur who founded ecostore and turned it into a global success story.

The Ecoman gift pack contains:

- Ecoman book

- Vanilla & coconut body wash 400ml

- Extra moisturising body lotion 220ml

- Orange & cinnamon soap 100g

- Manuka & kelp soap 100g

...all beautifully packed in a wooden gift box made from untreated, sustainably sourced New Zealand pine.

Here's what people had to say about Ecoman:

“This book will change the way you think about business equally as much as it will change the way you think about the nasties you flush down the sink.”
— Mark Godenho

“Ecoman riveted me from the first page and I highly recommend it. Rands runs ecostore as a business that improves the earth rather than trashes it. He sees no profit in making a profit at the expense of his planet. How awesome is that? If you're having trouble choosing a Christmas gift this year, choose this book. You wonÕt be disappointed.”
— Munch Reviewer, Emma Abrahams

“Have just read from cover to cover - will def be a worn book on the bookshelf.”
— Lyds Harvey

“Just finished your book - I had thought, ‘why would you buy a book about someone you know?’ I was so wrong, the book is fantastic, congratulations. I never knew that so much had happened, and the business has been through so many twists and turns. Bloody great.”
— Denise



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