Benzalkonium Chloride

Benzalkonium Chloride
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Benzalkonium Chloride
EWG score
What is EWG score?
The EWG score is a hazard score ranging from 1-2 (low hazard), 3-6 (moderate hazard) and 7-10 (high hazard) published by the Environmental Working Group. Their data is sourced from the Skin Deep® database and studies published in open scientific literature.
This ingredient has been classified as hazardous to health, and is not used in ecostore products.
Ingredient details

Benzalkonium Chloride is a chemical used for its antibacterial properties in many household cleaners and cosmetic productsii. It can it cause eye and skin irritation, and is also highly toxic to aquatic organismsiv, a cause for concern considering it is often washed down drains. Like similar antibacterial-type ingredients, there is concern about the development of resistance in bacteria to antimicrobials, which can affect the monitoring of infectious diseasesv. There is also concern that the overuse use of antibacterial ingredients in consumer products can prevent the immune system from developing natural immunity to pathogens. An immune system needs to be in contact with pathogens to be able to get stronger and gain immunity; if we continue to protect ourselves from bacteria that are normally not harmful, this might weaken our ability to naturally protect ourselves further down the track.


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